eBay UK Seller Release: Gallery & Item Variations

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Later this year, eBay will begin introducing . The size will increase to a square 160 pixels along each side giving a much improved visual shopping experience. Expect to see the new image sizes appearing in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories some time in the Autumn as well as eBay displaying multi-variation images in the colour the buyer searched for. Gallery View is the default for clothes on eBay, expect this to be rolled out as the default in more categories in the future.

eBay have run trials on Gallery image sizes and say that increases in the size of the picture resulted in a significant increase in sales, they expect this update to similarly increase sales.

Colour swatches will also appear for multi-variation listings where different product colours are offered.

Titles in categories with enlarged Gallery Images

There is one disadvantage coming with the larger Gallery View in search results. Only a partial title will be displayed, although as soon as the buyer hovers over the image the full title will appear.

Impact for sellers

Get used to using the FIRST 30 CHARACTERS of your title for the most important information. Use the first 55 characters (that which will appear in other views on eBay) for secondary information and use the remainder of your 80 character title for less important keywords.

Impact in search results

The full title will be used for determining visibility of your item in search results, there’s no change there. However, getting a buyer to click your listing will be driven by two things: the initial 30 characters of your title and, more importantly than ever, great high quality images on a clear background.

Multi-Variation Listing Enhancements

From September, eBay will . Buyers will be able to see:

• That there are variations included in the listings
• The price range
• A photo of the item in the colour searched for (if included in the listing)

This is a pretty good upgrade. Currently many sellers list with an image showing the range of variations as the main gallery image. However it makes a lot more sense that if I search for a red polo shirt you show me an image of a red polo shirt and not an image showing a range of colours. If I want red, my eye is likely to be drawn to the image that has the most red in it!

Increase in total number of variations per listing

eBay will be making it easier to add and rename variations on a listing, making it less testing to add photos and INCREASING the total number of Variations available on a listing to 250.

One Response

  1. Showing the relevant colour searched for in the search results is a great idea!

    I wonder if this will apply to other variations other than just colour? For example if I sell nuts, bolts and screws in one multiple variation listing will a picture of just bolts show up if ‘bolts’ were searched for? Or does this just apply to colours.

    Would be interesting to know also if the pictures will change in both gallery and list view too.


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