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Pentagon218186We are Pentagon have kindly agreed to give some additional information for Tamebay readers on each of the marketplaces they introduced at their recent Fashion Without Borders event. Today they’re focusing on, a marketplace appealing to high-end shoppers with disposable income to spend.

Pentagon are experts at launching brands and retailers on marketplaces and can smooth the path to getting you up and selling more quickly so, if you want some help getting set up on Xiu, give Pentagon a call.

Xiu hmAbout XIU

Xiu is a Chinese language, online shopping platform with headquarters in Shenzhen, China and buyer offices in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Australia, Paris, London, Italy, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan.

Founded in 2008, the online marketplace focuses on selling international fashion brands to the growing number of high-end online shoppers in China. Middle to luxury brand name fashion products account for up to 90% of Xiu’s sales, with the assortment ranging from apparel, shoes, bags, accessories, jewellery and watches to cosmetics and home décor. Apparel is currently the most popular category, taking up to 30% of all purchases, followed by shoes (20%) and bags (20%).

Today, Xiu enjoys over 10 million users, about 60,000 VIP customers and more than 10 million monthly unique visitors; with the annual growth rate of its registered users exceeding 85%. The typical consumers of Xiu’s products are professionals aged between 25 and 45, with an average basket value reaching up to $250.

More than 80% of products offered by Xiu at any time are new and in season, and shoppers can enjoy more than 1,000 daily new arrivals.

Xiu and the Chinese market

Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the Chinese fashion market is worth more than £98 billion. Xiu is a platform that provides international brands and retailers with a direct access into the booming Chinese ecommerce industry.

Reflecting the needs of the local market and being extremely well-positioned in terms of its product proposition, Xiu has been rated as No.1 fashion B2C in China since 2010, by iResearch. It is also the first B2C in the country to receive official authorisation from luxury brands like Salvatore Ferragamo and Hugo Boss, with annual sales growth rate of over 30%.

Why Xiu?

As well as providing sellers the opportunity to share their products with a customer base of more than 10 million registered users, and receive exposure to more than 10 million visitors monthly, Xiu also offers a strong and clear marketing strategy, combined with an in-depth knowledge, local government network and support.

Xiu’s clear brand positioning and optimised marketing strategy, allows sellers’ products to be reached daily through a variety of channels with clear, easy navigation; like branded stores, search results, category displays or social media.

Xiu also gives its sellers the opportunity to participate in weekly, monthly or seasonal flash sales events, promoting their selected brands or products for 3 to 6 days. For even greater reach and better representation, Xiu enables its sellers to open a so-called shop-in-shop, such as

Is Xiu for you and how to get started

Sellers offering middle to luxury brand name fashion products, who are aiming to reach the high quality, loyal customer base of Xiu, can connect their inventory and product content by a simple API integration or by manually providing a guarantee of their inventory. Sellers are also required to deliver within 24 hours after a purchase notification has been received at Xiu’s Hong Kong warehouse.

The only costs a seller incurs, when selling on Xiu, is a commission percentage on the product sold, and an additional percentage charged to support Xiu being fully responsible for the returns within China.

Xiu aims to offer its international partners a professional and simplified selling experience. Besides, providing support by the most experienced one-stop-solution partner in China, Xiu also offers its users fulfillment logistics tracking system in Chinese, 100% localised Chinese translations, and localised and in-house customer service.

If you’re interested in selling on Xiu, you can contact them through their website and of course the guys at Pentagon are ready to assist you and can do all the hard work for you.


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