eBay Australia partners with Airtasker to help sellers

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eBay Australia has announced it will be partnering with Airtasker to help sellers. Airtasker is a freelance network where you can place an ad to pitch or request work. Ian eBay context the idea specifically relates to sellers who need help with listing their goods and also offers sellers the opportunity to punt out their expertise and earn a few bob by listing for others.

You can find out more about the Airtasker offering here.

As the eBay Australia announcement says: “We’ve partnered with Airtasker to help our community sell their items. Whether you need help selling your items or you wish to help others sell, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to earn some extra cash.

If you want to help sell: Create your Airtasker profile to browse tasks available. If you need help selling: Post your task on Airtasker.”

There can be little doubt that listing items on eBay, especially those which are unique and require significant work to craft a listing, that there is a need for helpers and experts. Taking multiple photos, crafting a listing and getting the title right does take some time. Especially for big ticket items. And, perhaps, that’s where such services can come in handy.

But a great deal of the heavy listing in getting the best prices lies with a seller reputation and feedback. So that’s what could be the big win with such services. Would you use this in Australia?

2 Responses

  1. @jrichie

    Hi J.
    Sorry about this, but I believe I failed to “tag” you correctly, when I replied to 1 of your posts, where you said…

    “Frankly, I am just interested to know what people are saying about ebay, that’s all!
    Everybody has the right to a view, whether they’re wildly off the mark, or spot on.
    I can’t speak about balance, but I am interested to know exactly what’s going on, and from what I see so far, it doesn’t look good”.

    Well J, you may have noticed that SOME forum members would have you believe that eBay is so good, it may well sit on the right hand side of GOD?. I don’t believe that for a second.

    The facts (as I see them) are as follows.
    1, eBay is an excellent place to trade, in terms of layout, access to information, the ability to “fine tune” your requirements etc…etc. So far, so good.

    2, eBay MANAGEMENT on the other hand, (the decision makers) couldn’t organize (caution now)… “An extremely good drinking session in a brewery”, and seem to have an uncanny knack of trying to fix things that aren’t broken, and in so doing, smashing them to pieces.

    3, eBay will/have come down on some ebayers, like a TON of bricks, moving at the speed of light over the issue of contact details, for example…
    A prospective buyer supplies a seller with a phone number or email address, when requesting some form of clarification on the item in question, and eBay SANCTION the SELLER?.

    4, Still on the subject of the SPEED upon which eBay can “act” to suspend your ability to sell/trade, eBay can/will move at the speed of an ARTHRITIC riddled three-toed sloth when it comes to dealing with scammers/shill bidders, and the reason? Oh, that’s simple. I believe it’s because eBay profits by any successful scam, to the tune of 10%, the final value fee, plus extras obviously.

    5, The feedback system (such as it is) is/was rigged some years ago. I don’t care about the “why”, all I care about is that a seller hasn’t been able to leave HONEST feedback for buyers for years now, yet some buyers have been known, to, in effect “blackmail” a seller, with the threat of negative comments.

    I liken the feedback system to that of a FOOTBALL match, where the buyers goal has been BRICKED-UP ? I ask you, given the feedback system as is, is it any wonder so many bad buyers (only a buyer IF they pay) can maintain a perfect score?

    6, The pathetic excuse for CS?. Again J, some members of this very forum would have you believe that eBay CS is anything BUT what it is, and that’s a 4 letter word, starting with C, and ending in RAP.

    Then we have an even bigger waste of time & space, in eBay’s “Trust & Safety”, AKA The THREE WISE MONKEYS.

    J, would you like to follow a scammer?, follow it’s auctions of Sony Laptops, as, with the help of 1 (if not both) of it’s shill bidder buddies, it “works the crowd”?. All yer gotta do is ask, and I’ll give you the 3 usernames involved…

    Simply stick them in your “watchlist”, and either follow the auction to the end, or check back later, and look for the shill bidders I’ll give you?. Look also for the trademark “bid retractions”, and/or the “error in the listings” to explain why the auction had to be canceled, along with the other excuse of “item lost or damaged”, classic ( for this joker) scam tactics, and eBay not only go along with it, but obviously facilitate it.

    It is my understanding that we are able to have up to 8 accounts?, if so, is it any wonder that eBay has become a scammers paradise?.

    All the best.

    Please feel free to question my “ID” on this forum (I’ve used a couple)

    Nothing sinister, just a glitch (I think/thought) at the time, so I re-registered…a simple solution (in my mind) to a simple problem.
    Mind how yer go now 😉



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