‘Get On It’ OnBuy TV Ad campaign now live

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The much anticipated Christmas OnBuy TV Ad campaign launched today, aiming to put the brand in front of households up and down the country over the festive period, on their way to becoming a household name. They have signed a deal with ITV for prime-time slots on all its channels across Christmas and New Year, with further TV advertising planned with ITV and Sky during 2018.

The Christmas campaign will reach at least 20 million UK households across ITV 1, 2, 3, 4 and Be. OnBuy advertising will be featured in key prime-time movie slots over the festive season, including ET and Harry Potter on Christmas Day.

The 20-second ad focuses on OnBuy’s “Get On It!” message, encouraging shoppers and sellers alike to visit OnBuy.com to see their offers and deals.

“Our Christmas 2017 advertising campaign marks another milestone for OnBuy and we are excited about tens of millions of people learning more about the brand. We have been steadily growing throughout 2017 and this campaign is the next big step up that will make OnBuy a household name. It’s a very exciting time for OnBuy and we see this as the springboard for even bigger things in 2018.”
– Cas Paton, Managing Director of OnBuy

Keep a lookout for OnBuy’s advert on your TV, but if you’ve not seen it yet you can watch below:


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  1. I just hope Chris and Dan are being rewarded well for these advertorials. OnBuy is a pile of crap, the only folk advertising product on it will be the same folk who bore everyone to death banging on about eBid.

    Fire yourselves into the sea and spare us your BS.

  2. Trying to compete in a sector with a substandard website, infrastructure and USP is utterly pointless. Blowing vast sums of money is just a waste when you could shoot to a more realistic goal. You’ll be lucky to take 0.0005% of Amazon’s market share and the only merchants who sign up are the ones with no money or traction. They are the only ones bothered by Amazon’s selling fees, as the ones who aren’t are actually doing well

  3. Come back when your able to link into seller dynamics and I will be very happy to send over our 25000 sku’s but until then. You have zero chance.

  4. So many negative people on here. Where’s your enterprenurial spirit! If we just leave it to the big boys we’d end up with no alternatives..

    Incidentally Whirly, Rasheed, Bob and Northumbrian, why are you trading at all when their are much much bigger sellers than you with vastly superior systems, products etc. Surely, following your logic, you should just give way to the bigger competitors and not even try. Leave it to the more established bigger sellers….

    Give onBuy a chance, the could be a success but if they fail then at least they have tried and give it a go. We need more people and organisations like OnBuy with the spirit to give it a go and try.

    Otherwise, why bother getting out of bed.

    Come on people, support the under dog.

  5. You have to love these people for having a pop at something new. If you are not interested just go away. Seems to me they are afraid of something.

    We have tried several new markets this year away from the likes of Amazon and eBay.
    Some have been a bit rubbish some have been excellent, we are planning on doing a lot more with them this year.

    The main issues OnBuy are going to have is they try and sound bigger than they are and breaking into a saturated UK market and changing people’s perceptions.

  6. Every day i see constant moans and groans about ebay and to a lesser extent amazon. Followed by, we need an alternative blah blah blah…
    Yet as soon as someone tries to break into the very tough market, they are beaten down by doomslayers and no chancers. Why do they even bother?
    Unless people give them a chance, even just show some verbal support, then yes of course they will fail. The issue with Ebid was that although well known in other countries it was unheard of here, and national advertising was never forth coming, so it remained a relative unknown. So these guys, on a limited budget as with most new companies, are trying to do a similar thing but with a bit of advertising thrown in.
    Now i have no idea if they will succeed, i have no idea what the future holds, but let’s atleast give them some support for trying?
    If not then the constant drone of negativity about ebay etc might as well stop as despite what many say, it’s not going anywhere.
    Tough job guys, good luck to you.

  7. Well I had plenty of issues when they started but I must say they have listened. I have even had 5 sales on Onbuy now for a total of about £500 which I am impressed with as I didn’t expect to get any sales. It will take time but good luck to them. Once they are integrated with M2E Pro I’ll send them over another 3,000 products we stock in a different sector. It will be interesting to see what sales next Christmas will be and compare. As I always say “If you haven’t got it, you can’t sell it”.

  8. A lot of effort over the years has gone into this venture but that doesn’t give anyone the right to success. Unfortunately the offering to sellers is poor and no different to any other marketplaces, and the offering to consumers is even worse. There are no reward systems like ebay/Nectar, no Prime offering, poor website features (infact very poor), no app, low level website design, the list goes on.

    a 3rd market place offering in the UK would help keep ebay and Amazon honest – This would be great news for both sellers and buyers, but this isn’t it. Whoever is financially backing this venture needs to be prepared for a rough ride. It probably took Amazon and ebay 10-15 years before seriously advertising on TV.
    Effort , commitment and dedication seems to be there but the design, execution maybe even the lack of experience is quite telling. Sorry Cas but if you go public with your business (to both consumers and businesses) you have to take this stuff on the chin.

  9. Lots of people giving grief to a new entrant, despite (as Toby mentioned above), lot of people also asking for alternatives to the established sites. If you don’t want to sell on there no one is forcing you to.

    Sounds like a brag but these are just facts: our first month of sales on Amazon were measured in the very low 4 figures. Same goes for our own website. Both now do 7 figures annually. Another large UK marketplace started in 4, now does low 6. The point being everywhere started low.

    It goes the other way as well. On Play we did high 5 figures, followed by (after change to Rakuten) high 4 figures, then 3 figures, then of course zero as they jacked the UK site in. Play also had a fee structure if I remember correctly.

    We’ve been signed with Flubit for the last 16 odd months. Saw virtually no sales, maybe one a month. Then I started seeing their print ads on the trains and in tube carriages. Guess what – we’ll finish this year in the low 5 figures. Shock – advertising works.

    Even ignoring the OnBuy free offering next year, if you can’t afford a punt at £20 a month then there are other things you probably need to take a look at anyway.

  10. I’m going to give it a go in the new year, anything to spread the risk from being so heavily reliant on Amazon .

  11. I am not going to give it a go… (Maybe one day)

    But I really do not understand the people on here who are just moaning about somebody trying to do something different / new.

    I can not support them in a business way as it would cause me too much hassle, we have worked non stop since Black Friday without time to rest, 12+ hours a day and could not have coped with manually sorting out orders on another system

    My current system (web site) works, it places adverts on both eBay & Amazon, takes the orders and balances the inventory, syncing between all three. It now integrates with Royal Mail Click & Drop so we can post items without fuss.

    OnBuy can not offer me that, if it could I would sign up.

    I wish them all the best for 2018.

  12. We’re hard nosed experienced online sellers were not fooled by marketing guff
    When someone wants our time and money we’re entitled to point out concerns and ask questions
    Especially when it’s based on promises not facts

  13. if its not ebay, or amazon , it must be good and worth a try ethos , is not sound business logic

  14. With amazon making life ever more difficult for smaller marketplace sellers and ebay still ranking bed-shot photos of second hand tat above your own pro-shot images, I’d welcome another viable marketplace for the smaller, professional online seller. So I wish them luck.
    Sort out your feeds with Channeladvisor and the like and keep at it.
    All the best,

  15. It’s not Moaning, it’s taking care and assessing your business. Take it to the extreme, If there were 10 x onbuy marketplaces with a poor offereing and all the other negative aspects, and you feel you wont get an ROI on time spent then you make that business decision. There are loads of micro marketplaces out there. I feel that alot of effort has gone into Onbuy but has delivered a poor offering. Such a waste. That said I do hope it succeeds but “hope” has no value in business.

  16. For goodness sake…..Let’s face it, eBay and Amazon are two giants which need more competitors against them…I have to say, OnBuy have got many ideas and are enthusiastic about their approach, they won’t grow overnight unfortunately…I turned £20 into a £1m+ turnover business in over 10 years without any loans/credit etc…

    OnBuy are most certainly on my radar


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