6 Reasons to attend ChannelX World

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Ahead of ChannelX World, taking place on the 11th of October, we’ve been speaking to some of the brands and retailers that will be presenting, to find out what they’re most looking forward to at the conference.

Watch the video to hear in full what these six brands are hoping to gain from the conference and book your ticket to meet them in person on the day!

1) TikTok

I’d love to hear what other people’s experiences have been of TikTok…. I’d love people to come along and say “This is what we’ve found, did you find the same thing when you did this?”

– Tom Baker, Founder & CEO, FordeBaker

2) Vision of digital commerce for the future

I’m particularly interested to hear from a lot of the retailers that are going to be in the room in terms of what their vision of digital commerce is going to be for the future and what they think the direction of things like Digital Retail Media are likely to go into, because then I can take that back to my organisation and help us understand just how important it’s going to be.

– Gregor Murray, Digital Commerce Development Director, Kellogg’s

3) Ideas from other marketplaces

I always work on the basis that every day is a learning day…. it’s really useful to learn outside of automotive as well, so my particular focus will be to pick up tips and ideas of how people are doing things in non-automotive marketplaces.

– Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Auto Trader

4) Cross industry ideas

The day has those three tracks, and each of those tracks genuinely has a wide variety of different brands, whether that be brands that are D2C or working through different marketplaces…. I’m a firm believer that good ideas cross industries, cross different types of retailers, cross business models, so I’m looking to try and listen to as many of those brands, understand what their challenge and opportunities are.

– Gianfranco Cuzziol, International CRM & Personalisation Lead – Avon, Natura & Co

5) Exchange value and learn from each other

eBay’s going to be there, someone in the same space THE EDIT LDN’s going to be there, so I want to figure out what their strategy is with their push on luxury fashion and where they see the most value…. How did they do it, because if they’ve done it that way we can exchange value and learn from each other.

– Ben Gallagher, Founder & Head of Social Media, Luxe Collective

6) Network with industry colleagues

I feel myself, since lockdown since I’ve been working in the Web3 Blockchain world, I feel like I’m slightly out of touch with the real world and I can meet my old colleagues, my old contacts to learn what they’re up to again!

– Donna Chen, Marketing Director, Virtua

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ChannelX World will be back in 2024

ChannelX World will be back in 2024 (hopefully without a fire alarm!)

Last call: Get your ChannelX World Ticket now!

Last call: Get your ChannelX World Tickets now!

ChannnelX World Conference App

ChannelX World Conference App

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Meet OnBuy at ChannelX World

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Plan your day at ChannelX World – 11th October

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