New pre-built Marketplacer Connector for commercetools

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New pre-built Marketplacer Connector for commercetools

Marketplacer, a global technology platform that enables brands, retailers, suppliers, communities and innovators to build and grow successful online marketplaces at scale, today announced that it has been selected to be among the first connectors into the new commercetools integration framework, Connect, alongside other best-in-breed technology providers.

Meet Marketplacer at ChannelX World

You can learn more about Marketplacer at ChannelX World on the 11th of October, when Luke Hilton, Global VP of Solution Engineering, Marketplacer will be discussing the challenges faced by marketplaces when scaling from platform technology upgrades to seller onboarding verification and counterfeit products to differentiation.

Marketplacer Connector for commercetools

This new partnership centres around a pre-built Marketplacer Connector for commercetools that customers can download to quickly and easily integrate Marketplacer’s 3rd-party marketplace technology into the commercetools platform.

Switching on the Marketplacer connector in their commercetools environment gives enterprise customers the ability to streamline the process of launching a marketplace, which, in turn, enables them to accelerate and scale their 3rd-party product strategy, start tracking revenue growth and measure business impact much faster.

In addition, the new Connect product enables commercetools customers to link 3rd-party sellers from the Marketplacer platform into their ecosystem. This allows customers to share data such as product updates, seller information and alerts in real time. As a result, customers can launch their marketplace faster, at scale, and at a lower cost, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.

We’re honoured to be the first and preferred marketplace partner to be part of the new commercetools integration framework, Connect. This partnership will radically accelerate commercetools’ customers’ ability to enable range extension or curated marketplace capabilities, deliver them faster and still be able to take advantage of all of the flexibility of the commercetools platform.

– Jason Wyatt, CEO and co-founder, Marketplacer

Marketplace Connector for commercetools benefits

  • Real-time Integration: Experience seamless integration between Marketplacer and commercetools, ensuring that all updates are immediately reflected on the commercetools platform.
  • Easy External Connection: Connect to any external endpoint using the webhook feature, facilitating the smooth sharing of information.
  • Enhanced Product Visibility: Create and promote products directly on a live commercetools frontend, maximizing visibility and increasing sales potential.
  • MACH Alliance Alignment: Align with the principles of the MACH alliance, guaranteeing a high level of interoperability and flexibility in your system.
  • Streamlined Workflow Efficiency: Improve the efficiency of your workflow by centralizing products, sellers, and advertisements, providing a single source of truth.
  • Automated Processes: Automate the creation, updating, and deletion of products, variants, and sellers on commercetools, minimizing manual errors and saving valuable time.


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