Marketplaces 2018


Marketplaces 2018 is produced in association with The largest UK owned marketplace to sell your inventory on.

Here are the marketplaces we’ve looked at so far in 2018:


Marketplaces 2018


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r said:

if the current listing process, category structures and item specifics are an example of seller co...

r said:

charging more ,for less , clear case of asset stripping!

Jason said:

So secret no one knows about it.

Monica Silva said:

We are a well stablished brand on retail and just now beginning our marketplaces journey. I have pre...

Raj said:

I really don't understand why there is not any global platform to compete with ebay other than Amazo...

Dave said:

here is the link that was not posted:

Rob said:

ebay, we want you to pay more to display your items. We want you to fill in even more information in...

david sherman said:

I'm quite certain that this move will really show in the 2nd quarter how much more Ebay loses it's s...

Parvez said:

Are you prepared to work full weekends For a 2% pay rise. We do have families to spend time with. E...

Robin said:

They don't even know how to correctly calculate delivery dates, all stats are crooked - how they can...