21 day free listing for eBay Australia

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Starting from Monday eBay Australia are having a free listing day for auctions with 99c starts that’ll last for three weeks.

Any charged (normally 30c). All listing enhancements and FVF will be charged as normal.

This promotion mirrors the free listings for private sellers from 12th March in the UK. Having drastically reduced the upfront fees for fixed price listings last year eBay are slowly moving towards a free listing model. The quicker they get there the better 🙂

7 Responses

  1. You must be joking about the free listing, their listing frees are still the highest, in nominal values, if you look the other way that AUD has devalued.

  2. I am not innocent,

    I plead guilty,

    I knowingly make money from listing on ebay

  3. #3 Be careful…I’m sure I read in eBays terms somewhere that you can’t make money. I think it was called “renumeration abuse policy” 😉

  4. watch out for the fvf fees man in the uk thats gonna be 10% and then you have paypals 20% Think the only one making money out off the backhanded prompt is gonna be feebay. 🙁

  5. i think paul needs to check paypal’s fee schedule again. the only way you’ll pay 20% to them is if you sell stuff for about £1.20 inc. postage.

  6. What, you think Ebay has suddenly turned altruistic? An attempt to up the listing numbers, and/or an attempt to “lure” the punters, and/or an attempt to put a dime in their coffers at your expense. If, as a previous poster assumes, Ebay is going to offer free listings, I’ll bet PPC ads will be all over the site like a bad rash.


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