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Today is the 20th of the month and sellers will once again discover if they’ve been promoted to Top Rated Seller status, are an Above Standard Seller, or a Standard seller.

That’s all due to change on the 1st April though, Top Rated and Above Standard sellers will remain, but what slipped through unnoticed in eBay’s January changes is that all Standard Sellers will become failing sellers and be demoted in search. The table below shows the current ratings and corresponding seller status, but what eBay haven’t pointed out is that the Standard Seller status is to be scrapped. All current Standard Sellers will fail to meet the new .

  Current Seller qualifications 1st April
  Top Rated
Above Standard
for all sellers
Item as Described 0.5% or 2 1% or 3 3% or 3 1% or 3
Communication 0.5% or 2 2% or 3 4% or 4 2% or 3
Dispatch time 0.5% or 2 2% or 3 4% or 4 2% or 3
P&P Charges 0.5% or 2 2% or 3 4% or 4 2% or 3

According to the Seller Release as of April 1st the new minimum standards for all sellers will be introduced, but the new minimum standards are equal to that of Above Standard Sellers. eBay say that until their ratings improve, sellers who fall below the minimum standard may face a number of consequences including demotion in search and restrictions on selling activity. The will also based on being a Top Rated or Above Standard Seller. PowerSellers who don’t meet the new criteria get 30 days notice, if they don’t meet the criteria by the end of that period, they will lose their PowerSeller status.
If you’re not currently a Top Rated or Above Standard Seller you have just a month to reach the standard for the next assessment on 20th March, before the new Minimum Seller Standards and PowerSeller qualifications come into effect on April 1st.

48 Responses

  1. So as of right now because the only thing I fail on is not selling enough quantity to be a Powerseller I’m classed as a Standard seller and therefor get demoted. Despite excelling in every other criteria.

    Hmmm nice one ebay.

  2. Oh I see….. I think, too confusing on a Saturday night. :mrgreen:
    Well eBay say I’ve been a good boy and I can have my powerseler badge back in April as they’re lowering the minimum quatity you need to sell….. Look out PS Board in April. I’m back! 🙄 😆

  3. Chris, have you specifically asked eBay and had that confirmed?

    If not I think that eBay might not actually understand what they have said and will renege.

  4. I’m truly delighted that we’ve been awarded Top Rated Seller on this latest assessment.

    We’ve worked really hard (and all credit to our eBay account manager for his help and guidance) to get our DSRs right up, despite the occasional mishap and the odd capricious comment.

    We’ve now got 99.9% positive feedback with a 3-month average of 4.9 on all DSRs and under 0.5% 1s/2s. I believe that TRS is the highest standard of online customer service awarded in the UK, and even if we do everything right, it will be hard work to maintain it without fail, but we will certainly try!

  5. Chris, I had already clocked that when the announcement was made. I tried to get it across on PSB, but most seemed to not take it on board.

    I think it’s an outrage personally, especially as many of us have only lost TRS this month due to low scores left for ‘dispatch’ due to Royal Mail delays at the beginning of January.

    Now, if we don’t meet ASS requirements, which is only 1 more low score, we will lose Power Seller status and be subjected to even more patronising emails from eBay telling us how to run our businesses.

    No wonder so many long-standing sellers are reducing their reliance and presence on eBay.

    Well, done to David – but as one has had it, lost it, got it back and lost it again (only ever lost due to Royal Mail delivery delay periods) – I know how fragile that status is. And, no offence, but as someone who has had 100% feedback and above 4.8% on all 4 criteria since DSRs came in, with no negs for longer than I can remember and no neuts for over a year, I feel insulted that sellers with less than 100% feedback are deemed better sellers than me, simply because 2 or 3 of my buyers had orders delayed by Royal Mail.

    Shame on you eBay!

  6. I am not sure I understand this.

    Currently my DSR’s are high enough to meet ‘top rated’. However my sale volume is very low. Due to my low sale volume I am a ‘Standard Seller’.

    What effect will the low sale volume have come 1st April?

  7. I’m not sure they’ve thought this one through. Basically by moving the MSS bar they are benefiting ASSs by effectively making SSs BSSs. But this also has the effect of benefiting the BSS. I have a hard time believing eBay would do that. At least not on purpose.

  8. I would just like to thank Chris for clearing up any possible confusion in this matter. Even though he is now a radio star he still seems to have time on his hands.

  9. Higher standard of service through DSR ratings. Personally I don’t see how this will positively affect ebay’s profits – their image?, only time will time… but it looks bad from this point in time.

  10. Seven (thats nearly a third) of the 22 E bay Outlets do not currently meet these minimum requirements. None of the rest currently exceed them. None of them will meet the the new TSR’s.
    So will they have their search standings reduced and face seller restrictions next month ? Or will their DSR’s all “magically” improve in less than 20 days ? What do you think ? I’ll give you one guess. Considering some have feedback below 99%
    its already fairly magical that alot still have DSR’s of 4.9

  11. OK I have gone crosseyed at all this!! lol

    Why can’t they just let people sell!!!

    To be honest I can’t be bothered to think about all this I am just getting on with selling, if we drop and sales drop I will just stop selling on ebay!

    Simples, so they say!


  12. We just got our ebay account limited for 7 open disputes. To resolve the disputes now we have to resolve them on ebay AND on Paypal. When we were limited there was no warning, our account was in good standing and 7 open disputes compared to our total sales is less than 1%.

    Isn’t it normal to have items lost in the post while we resolve problems with buyers?

    Nothing is shown on our dashboard to tell us that our account is limited, everything seems to be in good order
    and our listings just suddenly got limited.

    TSR,DSRs….increasing DSRS, increasing TSRs…all these just adds to the confusion of the seller, not mentioning the ever increasing numbers of disputes from fraudulent buyers as opening disputes are so easy now.

    The worst thing is that we have at least 4.5 in all the DSRs and account in good standing and wham, account limited with no warning or explanation from ebay and unable to relist.

    What’s the point of selling anymore?

  13. Its probably not the disputes if you go to seller dashboard and make sure you are on UK and Ireland Daily performance and change the settings to Above Standard you will probably see one criteria in the red probably dispatch. This is the real story that Tamebay should be talking about THESE CHANGES ARE BEING IMPLEMENTED NOW. I was suspended from selling early Feb because dispatch went up to 2.05%. This is quite clearly because of the snow. Unfortunately it rose to 2.45 on the 20th so the ban continues.

    There is no way a high volume low price seller can maintain these new targets as can be seen from the fact that as stated above a third of outlets can’t meet them (and yes bigpoppa some of them have 4.5’a as well – its still 90%)

    I have been selling on Ebay since before Ebay started in the UK that’s 12 years and I have always had above 99.3% or better feedback. I have nearly 9000 positive feedbacks I was suspended without being told or given the right to appeal that’s what loyalty counts for the cretins that run Ebay now. I of course have closed my shop and started selling elsewhere. Six months ago I was paying £700 a month to Ebay and Paypal before they pushed the self destruct button starting with free postage. I now of course pay them nothing neither will I use Paypal to pay for anything and neither will I recommend either of them to anyone who asks me.

    If Ebay thinks they are better off for not having the like of myself on Ebay then that’s up to them I think they are insane.

  14. 😐 hello i have had my account limited to 75% i had 7 low dsrs in p and p in first month and 4 in second i have sold over 500 items and my p and p is 4.7 and 2.60% does anyone know how long this limit lasts for and how it will heal
    ive been on ebay 4 months now and the first 2 months i made nieve mistakes in postage charges but i have adreesed that now and my dsrs are all 4.8 accept postage @ 4.7 now im limited and sales have dropped i dont see how i can get out of this ebay wont tell me what i need to do by next evaluation im realy worried my account is business and if you look at last 2 months my dsr would be top rated seller so why are the doing this to me
    any help on this greatly appreciated

  15. 12 months as my sales are below 400 in 3 months this is what i have said to them that they making it unacheivable
    by limiting my sales they say that they will review it on 20th but wont tell me where i have to be in terms of % ect to get it lifted i have had several phone calls with them explaining that i have been warned by email if my dsr continues to decline i may have a limit enforced but since then my dsr has improved to top rated standards in percent and all 4.7 above and it is only postage by count that is more than 4 that comes from dec my first month on ebay my sales are 130 this month and i just bough stock to boost the sales its all so cruel no-one at ebay seems to be able to make a common sense decision
    thanks for reply

  16. Don’t forget that if a buyer agrees to change their feedback, they can give you higher OR lower DSR’s.

    It’s only the Pos/Neg that can be changed upward (if you get what I mean).

  17. Well, I tick all the boxes for TRS except sales value and my dashboard now says I’m Standard – and it’s clear that the few listings I have up right now are demoted.

    But the good news is that I’ve had the same email from ebay as Richard and, come 1st April, I’ll qualify as a PS/TRS under the new criteria.

    So there you go: hero to zero and absolutely nothing to do with my standards as a seller. Gotta love ebay’s peculiar internel logic.

  18. ok guys gals thanks for your replies realy apreciate that at the moment im working on several low cost items at just over giving it away prices on buy it now in the hope i can drive sales volume up which seems my only way out if im to regain unlimited listing before november in contast to you guys i sell low valued 2nd hand items and i had built up to 200 listed with bids on ten items most of the time this is now brought down to 40 items with 1 bid on 1 item
    my plan was to be advertising 1000 items and have a 5% daily turnover of sales itemS this is now all going down the pan FED UP



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