Are you a PowerSeller – new requirements kick in

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Sellers are waking up this morning to find out if they’ve retained, received or lost PowerSeller status for the first time since the new PowerSeller requirements came in. PowerSeller requirements now include the new minimum seller standards as well as lowered entrance requirements of 100 UK/IE transactions per year and £2000/yr minimum sales volume.

It’s worth noting that to be a Top Rated Seller you’ll need to qualify as a PowerSeller so you may also find some new competition at the top of search results from sellers who previously didn’t qualify purely on the sales volume.

Are you a newly fledged PowerSeller who’s benefited from the lowered sales volume? Have you lost PowerSeller status due to the minimum sales requirements or because you mainly sell overseas? It’ll be interesting to see who’s missing in action on the PowerSeller board and to monitor how many new lower volume sellers appear over the next few days.

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  1. Well I have had a yellow flag for a policy breach which says Not Qualified but it says at the top that I’m still qualified so who knows. Until I know I’m not bothering to list anymore.

  2. No email yet but my dashboard says “You met the requirements to be a PowerSeller”

    Look out trouble’s back. 😀

    I lost mine purely on number of transactions as I moved away from eBay as a main source, and will continue to do so. If I’m a PS great if not I’m not really bothered anymore.

  3. seriously! ebay needs to stop over complicating things,
    how many types of seller does it want ,powersellers, top rated sellers ,high percentage sellers ,high dsr sellers ,above average sellers,
    why cant it just have one type of seller, the honest ,reliable seller

  4. Ditto Northumbrian. Sometimes it feels like eBay isn’t sure where they’re going and has created a number of redundancies in the process. What still gets me is that we have both a feedback rating and a DSR system. I was trying to explain to a friend how to leave feedback on eBay. The friend noted that Amazons system is simpler, and I have to agree. Simple=Better

  5. Isn’t the ebay feedback system something passé? It’s so complicated, no one knows what ebay is trying to do. The Amazon star rating system is so much simpler. One kind of seller, good seller, and more sellers when Amazon treats their sellers better!

  6. eBay believe that the only sellers who think that feedback should be dropped etc are bad sellers…

    They are of course very wrong, especially as people can still choose to have private feedback, what’s that all about?

    Feedback comments has to go, it’s very childish and pointless.

    I can’t wait until we are able to use our own payment gateways and scamming buyers have to process a full on chargeback and not just click a button to say “my item didn’t arrive…again”



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