Which level eBay shop should you subscribe to?

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With the change in eBay fixed price insertion fees it’s time to review which level eBay Shop you should subscribe to. Under the old price structure it didn’t make financial sense to have an eBay shop until you had more than 75 listings. A featured shop was suitable for those with between 234 and 7500 listings and above that level an Anchor Shop subscription was recommended.

That’s all changing in May, with the new Insertion Fee structure where it’s £0.40 insertion fee for a Fixed Price listing without an eBay shop, £0.10 for a listing with a Basic eBay shop (down from £0.20), £0.05 for Featured Shops and free Fixed Price insertion fees for Anchor Shops (down from £0.01).

For sellers with less than 50 Fixed Price Listings

If you have less then 50 fixed price listings then you will still be better off financially without an eBay Shop. However you might want to consider a Basic eBay Shop for merchandising benefits.

If you have as few as 50 then it’s time to sign up for an eBay shop. For sellers with between 50 and 700 fixed price listings the best option is to subscribe to a Basic eBay shop. If you use Selling Manager Pro then the Basic eBay Shop is good for up to 650 listings before you should consider upgrading.

The one exception is media sellers who benefit from lower insertion fees of £0.20 without an eBay Shop Subscription. For media sellers it makes sense to subscribe to a Basic Shop as soon as you reach 150 fixed price listings.

For sellers with more than 700 Fixed Price listings

If you have more than 700 live fixed price listings (or more than 650 if you use Selling Manager Pro), but less than 6000 fixed price listings, then a Featured eBay Shop makes the most sense to you.

For sellers with between 234 and 700 Fixed Price listings

If your currently have a Featured eBay Shop it made sense if you had more than 234 fixed price listings. Now if you have less than 700 Fixed Price listings it makes financial sense for you to downgrade from a Featured Shop to a Basic eBay Shop.

For sellers with more than 6000 Fixed Price listings

If you have more than 6000 fixed price listings then you’ll now save money by subscribing to an Anchor eBay Shop.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of eBay shops check out all of the benefits and .

18 Responses

  1. Aside from the price Chris, do Featured and Basic shops get different levels of exposure?

  2. I don’t think basic shops can have third party shop front designs, or am I wrong? I’m planning on ditching mine anyway. They cost to much.

  3. for SEO everyone should have at least a basic shop, listing your products in categories and adding pages that are linked to the shop is what search engines like.

  4. What are the qtys required for featured and anchor shops in the media cats?

    I see you stated the numbers for media cats in the basic shop section but no mention regarding the latter 2?

  5. This change in the listing fee structure for eBay shops is one of several changes that (to me) don’t make too much sense.

    Yes I can understand that it should create more start up store subscribers.

    But why give middle of the road store subscribers an incentive to step down a knotch store wise rather than up?

    Make the listing fees 1p rather than keeping then at 5p to maintain some significant differential would make sense. But then you upset the top end store subsceribers.

    Maybe there is some future strategy that eBay are going to present to us in the fullness of time that will clear this up.

    Really for £50 eBay have to offer more than just a 5p listing differential, a header option (nice but as stated above not worth paying £35 for), sales manager pro (useful but less so if eBay are going to auto generate messages anyway), enhanced stats (don’t bother with), and the random appearance on a page that few buyers visit(not bothered)!

    So what have eBay got planned to retain the £50 store subscribers who list 500-600 items?

    Please tell!

  6. Just a tip for those that downgrade from Featured to Basic when the new fees kick in. eBay will keep the Sales Reports Plus subscription and will charge you the £3 a month unless you manually cancel it.

    I should know 🙁

  7. The new shop listing fee structure only applies to business sellers.

    Private sellers who have a basic shop will still pay 20p to list.

    Maybe eBay have done this to encourage more “private business” sellers out of the woodwork?

  8. I am seriously thinking of downgrading to a basic shop.
    Since we’ve done MVL’s for loads of our listings the number of listings has shot down to 194.
    e.g. One lot of collars is down from 12 listings to just the 1.
    It makes a huge difference.


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