Time for eBay to redesign the “View Item” page?

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I’ve been looking at the new adverts appearing on business seller listings that eBay announced in the latest seller release and they’re not particularly obtrusive. Sadly what isn’t so great to look at is the huge expanse of white space now cluttering up the top of the listing page – I thought I’d highlight it in red just in case it wasn’t obvious enough.

The top section of eBay listings has I thought been a pretty good design in recent times. Nice big images with zoom and enlarge to the left. Title, pricing condition and shipping information in the centre and seller information on the right. Now however due to shoehorning in the advert it’s left a big gap in the left and centre columns above the item specifics.

Please eBay, either resize the adverts to the same width but about 1/3 the height or as an alternative redesign the top of the listing page to make a proper space for the adverts and get rid of the wasted white space.

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  1. Agree.

    I have advertising turned off so I just have the white space.

    It looks utterly ridiculous.

    One can only assume it’s a glitch, because obviously nobody in a senior management position at eBay would have approved it, would they?

  2. Dyu know what, i was looking at our listings yesterday and was thinking how ridiculous it looked.

    Our description/item specifics dont even come on the top half of the page. Its becoming more and more like Amazon..

  3. I have advertising turned off and still have an advert with the white space.

    Should I have this advert?

    Agree that there is a need for a redesign or a rethink on this as it does make the listing look a bit unprofessional/untidy and could put potential buyers off. Those viewing may be thinking that if they can’t get the webpage right can I trust them with the packaging and delivery?

  4. I just think it a shame that private sellers still have a reasonably decently laid out eBay page header whilst Top Rated Sellers (who have worked hard to provide great service) have the worst laid out eBay page header.

    Surely it should be the other way around?

  5. Incredibly frustrating that ebay’s highly paid professional website page designers make a dogs dinner of the header above my own perfectly designed template that has worked for me for many years with little modification.

    Unlike those that list on Amazon we ebayers pay for our advertising space and deserve better.

  6. The adverts seem to have disappeared from my listings and the white space has gone. Are these adverts randomly generated or have eBay taken them down for the moment?


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