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Remove The Background was one exhibitor that fascinated me when I saw their stand at the Ecommerce Expo exhibition this week. Basically they remove the background from your pictures for you, changing your photos from amateur snaps to professional product shots ready for your website or marketplace listings.

It’s about as simple a service as you can get, you upload your photos to the Remove The Background website, choose your options, pay your money and they deliver your finished images back to you ready for use.

Basic cost is just £0.79 pence per picture for producing your image on a white background in .jpg format. For a little extra you can choose to have a different file format, a different coloured or transparent background, faster delivery, resizing of images, rotation of the image and a whole lot more.

The thing that’s great about Remove The Background’s service is that there’s no change in price dependent on how complex the product shape. is. It’s the same cost to have a bicycle image cut out onto a white background compared to a much simpler bicycle helmet.

I asked about this and Remove The Background said, whilst one week a seller might have a number of complex images, they’ll end up loving the service so much they’ll have all their images processed. Remove The Background balance the easier images with the harder work and keep the cost the same.

If you want to give Remove The Background a trial they’ll process three images for free for you! There’s also no limit to how many images you send for processing and no minimum order quantity. Whether you upload 1000, 100 or just 10 images the price remains the same low £0.79 (plus any additional features you choose to order).

14 Responses

  1. Hi Chris,

    That a very nice article you did on Remove The Background. Thank you for that.

    I recognize the example of the bycicle / helmet, since i was the one mentioning it to you 🙂

    Judging by the responses it looks like people think this is some sort of automated service. It is not!

    The photo of our production team on our website is dated 7 months back, our production team is WAY bigger than this and we are growing at a staggering rate.

    You will always get the best result if a person does the actual work. What we do is not new, its just the way we do it.

    Besides the actual editing we have automated ALL OTHER processes for a streamlined production. So yes, we are a group of people having fun and we do so with a group of skilled programmers that supply a high-end backend.

    We are constantly working on improving the user experience, a large update will be implemented this month. We look forward to your feedback once it is implemented.

    All the best,

    Marinus van den Elshout
    Managing Director RTB (Benelux)

  2. The idea of fiddling around with a single image does not appeal at all as a seller of products where images are used once only for one item for a maximum of 10 days. I auto batch everything.



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